Why are House Music fans so peaceful, down to earth, and loving people?
House music was started by a white hetero EDM DJ, correct? WRONG! The Godfather of House music is Frankie Knuckles, a black man, a DJ who started playing tunes in Chicago in 1977 It was a Black and Hispanic gay club called the Warehouse. Before long though, white hetero people started lining up at the club doors to take in the sounds that Knuckles was creating.
House music lovers do not see colour, sexual orientation, they have no such silly barriers which makes them so loving and peaceful, which is why we say HOUSE MUSIC RULES!

Come aboard one of our fabulous House Music Cruises and have an amazing experience on the lake!

Bring your friends    Drink, Dance, make new friends!   Reserve NOW!

These cruises are recommended for ages 19 to 45.

These are club-style Drinking & Dancing FUN cruises, meant for the fun-loving party goers!
We do not play Soca, Reggae or Bhangra.

For the amazing price of $65.00 per guest we include:

  • All guests receive colorful party sunglasses and leis upon boarding.
  • A 4-hour rockin' crazee party!
  • A retractable roof - you will be Drinking & Dancing under the open sky
  • Amazing DJ who takes requests
  • Fantastic scenery of the Toronto harbour and Skyline
  • 3 fully licensed Cash bars which offer a huge variety of liquors and beer Bar List
    We accept cash, credit and debit cards
  • Food is available for sale on board. Cash only.

This cruise sells out very quickly, reserve your tickets NOW! Click Here Now

BOOKINGS ARE DONE BY CUSTOMERS ONLY ON-LINE. WE DO NOT OFFER BOOKINGS OVER THE PHONE Tickets must be purchased in advance online, not sold at the ship.