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Bar Service

Our yachts are fully AGCO licensed. All alcohol served on board must be purchased from the yachts, either on board with cash or major credit cards, or paid for in advance. All beverages including Soft Drinks, Juices, Bottled Water MUST be purchased from the yacht. None of the yachts offer the privilege of bringing in outside beverages under any circumstances.
We accept cash, VISA and Mastercard at our bars. We do NOT accept debit cards. An ATM is also available.


We do not offer cancellations under any circumstances.

Coast Guard Regulations

All yachts are certified annually by Transport Canada.

Cruising Times - Boarding etc.

Cruising times are shown on the details page of each cruise.
Times are also shown on your reservation which you receive via email upon booking.


Decorations are not allowed on our public party cruises.
No cakes allowed.

Directions & Parking

Upon booking you receive an electronic map for directions and parking.


Our yachts are fully insured. Negligence and dangerous behaviour on behalf of the passengers is not included in the insurance coverage.

Lifesaving Equipment

We are fully certified by Transport Canada annually prior to start of the season and according to Transport Canada regulations have a full complement of adult and children’s life jackets and include certified life rafts, fire-fighting equipment and a motorized tender.


Upon booking you receive an electronic map for directions and parking.


All interior areas of the yachts are non-smoking areas. Guests may smoke on the outdoor areas if they wish to.

Weather & Rain Policy

We sail whether it rains or shines. In case of rain - some of the yachts feature an all-weather retractable roof and the main decks can be fully enclosed, and weather protected. In an emergency situation the yacht can be returned to port. We would never to put our passengers at risk.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Unfortunately, there is certain limitation for wheelchair access due to ship’s designs as per Transport Canada regulations. Washrooms are located on the lower deck and stairs are not designed for comfortable wheel-chair acces